What is the Mission and Purpose of Heart of the Streets Inc?

Why do I need a SafeServ Certification to prepare food?

We are dedicated to healing people's hearts in impoverished neighborhoods by helping to shoulder the burden of families plagued by homelessness, poverty, and neglect. To accomplish this, we give away food, clothing, and hygiene products. We created this program to expand our services beyond the limits of our household. We welcome individuals willing to assist us in our mission to feed America's poor despite religion, race, or political affiliation.

Yes! Heart of the Streets Inc works to serve needy communities in Atlanta and abroad. If you live outside the state of Georgia, you are more than welcome to become volunteers and travel and help us distribute goods. We welcome all hands on deck. You must provide your own method of transportation. If traveling to volunteer, you may help pass out bag lunches and clothing. However, you cannot help make the lunches or touch the food except if you are qualified/certified to handle food.

UPDATE: Because of COVID, we cannot welcome out-of-state volunteers at this time.

It is a law to be certified to handle food distributed to the public. Heart of the Streets Inc is committed to maintaining the safe and healthy distribution of all food passing through our hands, especially amid the pandemic. The ServSafe Certification is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) under the Food Protection Standards Conference. It verifies that a person handling food has sufficient food safety knowledge to protect the public from food-borne illnesses.

Can I travel and help with services?

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What is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is interested in helping, includes, but is not limited to, passing out food, donating, assisting at events, and other endeavors. Volunteers can live anywhere in the US and abroad and are welcomed to travel to Georgia to help out. Volunteers who wish to prepare food at our events and fundraisers* must be SafeServe certified.

*There is no certification needed to distribute the packaged food, only to prepare it.
*No in-person events are scheduled at this time due to the COVID pandemic.

Where are you located?

You can find us in the streets of Atlanta. We distribute food via mobile food drops; we drive around and help the people on the ground. You can find us serving in Hurt Park, Woodrow Park, or under the Viaduct Bridges of downtown ATL near Grady Hospital.* We also volunteer at shelters, food pantries, food banks, and other places that may need our help.

*COVID-19 has forced changes to our schedule. We will no longer distribute goods directly. Please be sure you are following us online for updates.

How Can I Sponsor Heart of the Streets Inc?

If you are a small business that would like to sponsor us, please email us at

How Can I Help?

You can help by donating funds or non-monetary items such as clothing (including coats, socks, and shoes) and hygiene items. Our hygiene bags include men’s and women’s deodorant, feminine products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and cleansing cloths/wipes. Options for financial support include Paypal, Debit/Credit.*

*The Heart of the Street Inc t-shirts are out of stock but will be back soon!


Your financial contribution helps us to:

  • 1. Keep making lunches and purchasing hygiene items (if none were donated)
  • 2. Keeps this website running
  • 3. Expand our program to include more items to help more people

We are a non-profit organization, so we do not make a profit. However, we require funding and in-kind donations to keep this program running. Thanks in advance to all donors, sponsors, and partners!


Are you 501c(3)?

This question is first because it is the one we get the most.

Heart of the Streets is not a 501c(3) organization. Heart of the Streets Inc is a charity program designed to assist the homeless and needy communities of Atlanta and abroad.

We are funded and supported through in-kind and financial contributions from partnerships with small businesses, organizations, and individuals. Most of the donations we receive are in the form of food and clothing, which we give to the people. Financial contributions are used to purchase food and hygiene products.