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If you would like to volunteer to help Heart of the Streets, please complete the form below.

"We must restore power to the family, to the neighborhood, to the community."

  • Anyone can volunteer but to help on the ground you must live or  be willing to travel to the Georgia area.


  • You don't have to be a volunteer to donate goods or clothing. Visit the donate page HERE to learn how. Volunteers are people who want to help on the ground through participation in weekly outings or events and are able/willing to travel.


*If wanting to help prepare food you must take the SafeServe Food Handling course.* CLICK HERE to access the website. The exam is $15 and can be paid on the SafeServe website. Heart of the Streets is not affiliated with SafeServe and does not receive compensation for the exam cost.


  • Heart of the Streets Inc is willing to travel to help at shelters, food pantries, and food banks in need! Email info@heartofthestreetsinc.com and tell us about your program and how we can help.


  • If you would like to assist in food preparation at events, festivals or fundraisers, you must be willing and available for training in food safety.*


  • Must have adequate transportation to on-site missions.

Meet Our Team / Volunteer

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